Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lass of Lochroyan

A private commission, this turned out to be how I'd envision a Jean Paul Gaultier ad set in a 1970s fisherman's pub. The song they're singing is an old Scottish ballad from a wonderfully musty tome I have, illustrated by the incomparable Arthur Rackham.


  1. gorgeous... I hate you... I tried to draw something this afternoon... and we'll leave it at that.

  2. Wow, the full spectrum of emotion...I hope you went right back to that drawing.

  3. Hey Will:
    you really seem to be developing a distinctive style. I was expecting gothic dramas and/or superheroes! But the big question is: are you ready to give Larry Long a make-over for the twentieth-first century (patent purchased for a modest fee)
    Avuncular Paul

  4. Hi Paul. I'm glad I could disperse your pre-conceptions, but whether I'm ready to carry such a weighty mantle is questionable...just how tall is he, how would he deal with peering over the walls of a modern 60,000 person capacity stadium? Does he have an ipad?

  5. Theses are all good questions that could be ironed out with my representatives.

    Product placement is certainly a possibility (as long as it doesn't collide with LL's sociopolitical message).

    Meanwhile, I am intrigued by the possibility of your narratives here--I hope you get to complete some. Make the most of the rest of the year "off" . . .

  6. I thought I'd seen Larry as the agent of political activism in a couple of 1970s Punch back-issues.

    There's a story I'm working on right now, which is the focus of my Masters project, so I've no choice but to complete's about fishermen, their superstitions and the decline of the industry if that whets your whistle?