Monday, February 14, 2011

The Silver Darlings - Preview

Three preview pages from a new graphic story due to be published under Blankslate's Chalkmarks imprint later this year. The story concerns a few of the fishermen that I've featured in a couple of previous drawings, it's always great when you find something you really want to draw!


  1. again..., love the style and expression. Was wondering why you went with a font for the text?.. I would have thought (opinion) that hand written would be more in keeping with said style... (but what do I know).

  2. A very fair comment, the answer sits at the door of laziness...I'll give it some thought for the final pages, just not sure how attractive my lettering is to be honest.

  3. Not the forum for this, but did you note that there is an exhibition of London street life photography coming to the Museum of London?

    Looks good.

  4. hello, i like your work, but i was wondering, is this shaded with watercolour, marker or digitally?

    regards, maxwell gillon

  5. Cheers Maxwell,

    It's all watered down indian ink washes, pretty backwards I'm afraid. I use photoshop just to fiddle about with levels.

    Enjoy Camberwell, I'm studying the MA there right now.


  6. thanks for the reply, feel free to look at my blog from time to time