Monday, July 11, 2011

The harbour

The calm before the storm...a panel from The Silver Darlings.


  1. Does your GN have any relationship to the Neil Gunn novel of the same name? It too tells of a boy-to-man fishing expedition (off the east coast of Scotland). Gunn is a terrific writer. His other historical novel, Butcher's Broom, set during the Highland Clearances is burned into my brain. Regardless I'm looking forward to your book. Best, Charles

  2. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your comment, remarkably and to my shame I was completely unaware of Gunn's book when I wrote the script. My book is set in the twilight years of the herring fishery on the Firth of Clyde (mid 1960s). It certainly won't stand up against the epic ambition of Gunn's novel, but hopefully there will be plenty to enjoy regardless.

    I've not read Butcher's Broom, but certainly will do on your recommendation. Thanks.