Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Silver Darlings cover & MA show

First off, apologies for the distinctly spartan nature of blog posts lately. I have been furiously drawing, painting and making imperceptible tweaks on Photoshop to prepare for my MA show (more on this later) and to get my book The Silver Darlings ready to print later this year. The book is being published on Blank Slate's awesomely diverse Chalk Marks imprint and I'm delighted to be in the company of some mega talent there. All credit to Kenny Penman and the team at Blank Slate for supporting new creators with such a luxuriant platform...On that note if you haven't already I'd recommend picking up Joe Decie's book The Accidental Salad, his off-key observations brightened an otherwise dismal tube journey and beyond. 

The illustration topping this post is for the wrap-around cover to my Chalk Marks book and below is the hardcover mock-up for my MA show, for which I liberally borrowed from the style of European graphic albums.

Finally on the subject of my MA show, it kicks off tomorrow (2nd September) and runs all the way through to the 8th. Please come on down to Camberwell to take a look and in case you want a preview of some of the work on show saunter over to this link.


  1. Gorgeous work as ever... good luck with the show and will look forward to the book release...

  2. Thanks, dodged invigilating this morning so the show's going well as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Such a lovely illustration. Hope the show goes well, wish I could get there to see it!

  4. Cheers Rich, I'm hoping the book will be finished fairly soon, which is probably a good deal easier than the lengthy journey to London.

  5. Yes, if you could just have your work sent to me, that would be much more convenient.

    (I am keeping a beady eye on the release date.)